Automatic Digital Refractometer

Working Principle of Automatic Digital Refractometer

An automatic digital refractometer is an instrument used to measure the refraction index. To better understand how it works, let’s take the example of testing the brix of wort. FJD portable refractometer measures the refractive index with a light source. The index depends on the reflection and refraction of the liquid surface on the glass plate. The refractive index is relevant to the brix, and it will be converted to the weight percent sucrose content by an algorithm inside the device. That is, the measuring brix value will be displayed on the LCD screen. Our portable digital refractometers design an algorithmic model suitable for testing many liquids. All you need to do is to add 2 or 3 drops of wort to the measuring sample tank. Then, this automatic digital refractometer measures the brix by the refractive index of the wort and the wort correction factor built into the algorithm.
automatic digital refractometer

Portable Refractometer Test Results within 2s

Traditionally, refractometer calculator often requires much data like original gravity. To test the wort for brix, you need the wort correction factor, refractive index, and original gravity with a refractometer calculator. So, people often use a specific gravity refractometer that comes with a dual scale to get the data. They are accessed by pointing the eyepiece to a light source, the final gravity by way of hydrometer reading. In this case, the process is inconvenient, and human readings can cause uncontrollable errors. But things would be much easier with FJD handheld refractometer.

Drop the liquid into the sample tank and you get the results within 2s. We adopt the advanced algorithm, smart photosensitive chip, and sensor. Then, calculate the liquid’s refractive index within 2s and work out the brix or concentration. Therefore, it is far easier than operating a Sean Terrill’s refractometer calculator. In a word, our handheld digital refractometer stands out for many advantages. The main good points include intelligent refractometer readings, accurate results, and fast response.

High Precision Portable Digital Refractometer

With a handheld digital refractometer, you can check and control sugar concentration in the food and beverage industry.

FJD Refractometer Air has a measurement range from 0% to 32%. This meets the brix detection of all fruits and vegetables, so it is an excellent brix refractometer. Besides, it works well in testing coffee and salt concentration, which ensures accurate refractometer readings. Not only does it have a wide range, but it also has a high-precision label. The accuracy of 0.3% means that the error of each test is very small, which is difficult for most digital products to achieve.

automatic digital refractometer

Automatic Temperature Compensation

This automatic portable refractometer provides automatic temperature compensation. Beside, the measurement temperature ranges between 5°C-45°C. For most refractometers, the higher the ambient temperature, the lower the refractive index and the brix value. But for the FJD handheld refractometer, it will perform nonlinear modeling for factors such as temperature, characteristics, and sugar content to achieve temperature compensation. Therefore, the liquid or ambient temperature won’t skew refractive index, brix value, or hydrometer reading.

Fast Bluetooth Connection to the App

Download the mobile app that supports the brix meter refractometer, turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile phone, and connect it to the refractometer. Then, the brix value for each measurement allows you to know the accuracy of the final gravity and hydrometer reading. On the FJD Refractometer App, there are 3 models for routine detection and as many as 28 models for fruit and vegetable test for you to choose from. Each model has a unique algorithm, making the test of brix more precise. Besides, the App not only records data but also exports data.

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Advantages of Automatic Digital Refractometer

Say goodbye to complex data

The top of the screen of the FJD Refractometer Air that we uniquely designed shows the battery level, network connection, and Bluetooth connection. The data in the middle show the fructose concentration and the measuring brix in pre fermentation. Besides, the bottom shows the measurement temperature and refraction index. In addition, the picture is clear, concise, and easy to use.

Tip: Knowing the brix of wort in pre fermentation enables you to figure out the alcohol content of the final beverage.

Easy to use with one button

You may think that the operation of digital detection products will be very complicated. But, this refractometer with a built-in digital LCD screen is much simpler and easier to operate and use than you thought.

As long as you have made it through the calibration, it will then only take you 2s to view the results after pressing the button. The entire test is done in a quickly and smoothly manner. No matter how old or young you are, this portable automatic digital refractometer will never be a hindrance to your food inspection. Meanwhile, it shows our care for the health of everyone.

Refractometer of small size but with great value

We uniquely design the handheld digital refractometer so that you can put it into pockets. The dimension of the FJD refractometer is 84mm*23mm*14.5mm. Besides, FJD Air is anti-drop (1.5 meters) and IP67 waterproof. So, you can wash the whole device with water (but we do not recommend soaking it in the water for a long time). This portable refractometer contributes to the precise measurement of refraction index, brix, and specific gravity. With a digital LCD screen, the refractometer tells you the reading even in the sunlight. Whether you’re in the beverage industry or interested in home brewing, this handheld automatic digital refractometer is a good choice. For home brewing beginners, this easy-to-use refractometer will help you cut the clutter and gets the beverage you desire.

For a fruit farmer

The FJD brix meter refractometer can measure the sugar content of fruits with degrees brix and help you choose the quality ones. Brix resolution is 0.05%. Measuring samples in the fruit industry: fruits such as watermelon, apple, and tomato are usually measured in the form of extruded liquid (fruit juices), with the sugar concentration monitored. Besides, semi-solid produce such as sweet potato and durian can also work for brix. Squeeze the fruit juices out of them and onto the sampling poo, you’re all set.

In a word, this brix refractometer will not only help growers produce fruit with better quality and taste, but also help them better judge fruit maturity and pricing range.

If you’re a coffee barista, you can test the coffee TDS

With the portable automatic digital refractometer, it’s never been this easy to test the coffee TDS. The coffee TDS is of great help in making quality control.

So, what is TDS? TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids. In short, it is the amount of “substance” or soluble solids in a liquid. In coffee, TDS reflects the extraction level of the coffee, as well as the number of dissolved solids in the water. TDS provides specific, easy-to-analyze data to help baristas measure and control extraction, which affects the taste, texture, and consistency of coffees across locations. With the refractometer, you can make coffees that taste the best with the extraction rate in the range of 18%-22%, and the TDS in the range of 1.2-1.4. The most common method to measure TDS is to use a handheld refractometer calculator. Therefore, you will thank the device if you have been through Sean Terrill’s refractometer calculator.

With an App recording all the test results, FJD portable refractometer enables you to make coffees with consistent tastes.

Coffee TDS test case sharing

TDS is the abbreviation of Total Dissolved Solids, which refers to the number of dissolved solids (mg) in 1-liter of water. Coffee with high TDS means that the intensity of the coffee taste is high, while a coffee with low TDS means that the intensity of the taste is low. Therefore, the TDS value being 1.5 means that 1.5% is the dissolved coffee while the remaining 98.5% is water.

digital refractometer

Step 1

Calibration with distilled water (necessary when using for the first time or changing the environment)

① Long press the blue button for 2 seconds to turn it on.

② Drip the liquid into the sample tank to cover the entire glass surface.

③ Long press after a short press until entering calibration mode.

④ When a “0.00%” pops up on the screen, the calibration is successful.

Step 2

① Long press the blue button for 2s to turn it on.

② Feed the sample tank with sample liquids by using a pipette.

③ Short press the blue button to get the result within 2s.

Testing on the App

① Connect the refractometer to the App with Bluetooth.

② Select the testing model in the App.

③ Fill the sample tank with drops of sample liquid.

④ Press the blue button in the middle of the device.

⑤ You get the brix/TDS readings on the App.

Through the above process, the number of coffee components dissolved in water can be measured. After completing the test, you can wash the portable refractometer with clean water. If there is no operation within three minutes, the device will shut down to save power.
portable refractometer

Calibration is the premise that ensures accurate data

If not used for a long period, the portable digital refractometer may undergo temperature changes and structural stress relaxation. So, this could result in slight changes in the precision. However, calibration with distilled water can ensure the accuracy of the measurement.

Portable refractometer maintenance can extend the life of the device

We offer a one-year warranty period. So, we’ll provide the most reliable service during the warranty period. When the instrument is not in use, place it in a dry and ventilated room. Besides, the indoor temperature gap should be small to prevent the optical components from getting moldy because of humidity. Please note that you need to wash the sample tank of the portable digital refractometer with clean water before and after using the instrument and when replacing the test sample. When testing corrosive liquids, remember to clean the device in time. In addition, this instrument is prohibited from measuring strong corrosive liquids.