Best Digital Brix Refractometer

Brix Meter Multi-scenario Applications

FJD Pro best digital brix refractometer is not only applicable to measure the sucrose content of fruit juices, soft drinks, carbonated beverages or maple syrup, but also to measure coffee concentration (TDS) and salinity. Brix scale from 0% to 55%, which covers a wide range of fruit brix scale. Thanks to the unit model switching function, you can have salinometer and coffee TDS function all in this one portable device. The most accurate results you need are available with 2-3 drops of sample liquid. Every piece of refractometer measuring data will be recorded in detail on the digital LCD displays.

Accurate Measurement Result with Wide Brix Range

The bad temperature control may influence degree brix, but this does not happen with the FJD Pro. The built-in NTC intelligent algorithm, multi-modal sensing hardware, fusion algorithm, and strict manufacturing quality control help it stand out for that. In addition, ±0.1% brix reading accuracy and brix wide range make the refractometers measurement readings always accurate. Even in the environment of external interference such as a strong light source or changes in temperature, there is no need to cover a light shield on the FJD Pro.

The accuracy will not be affected at all because of the temperature compensated tech. In addition, The Pro version with a wide brix range can achieve rapid detection within 2s. The brix meter result, temperature (internal temperature of the device which has a certain deviation from the room temperature), and the LCDs show the refractive index of sucrose in real-time. At present, the FJD Pro has obtained more than 20 technical patents around the world.




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Automatic Temperature Compensation of Brix Meter

The temperature range has a great influence on brix measurement results. Therefore, different solution temperatures or ambient temperatures will cause the liquid molecular spacing to change. The higher the temperature, the lower the refractive index of sucrose and brix value. Besides, the temperature can cause thermoelastic deformation of the material in the optical element, which can also lead to inaccurate measurements. That’s why most the stainless steel analog refractometers measure and determine more accurate results with temperature control.

However, our ATC refractometer has built-in automatic temperature compensation, keeping brix reading precise without temperature control. So, the liquid or ambient temperature won’t skew the brix and specific gravity like analog refractometers. Whether indoors or outdoors, the FJD Pro is able to work normally in the temperature range of 5-45°C with temperature compensated.

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Waterproof and Drop-resistant Refractometers

FJD Refractometer Pro is the smallest and best digital brix refractometer compared with stainless steel refractometers. The ABS material has corrosion resistance, a unique hydrogel film design, and IP67 dust and water resistance rating, which makes the FJD Pro durable, comfortable to handle, and very easy to clean. At present, most products on the market can only measure local IP65 at most, which is important for tools of testing solutions. Besides, since vibration and dropping also have great impacts on the accuracy, this refractometer supports 1.5m drop and drop resistance, which guarantees the product’s accurate measurement.

Efficient Design of Best Digital Brix Refractometer

This device weighs only 24g. It is palm-sized with an ergonomic, streamlined design. Easy to carry around without a storage case, easy to operate, and easy to clean compared to dual scale ones. We adopt the concept of integration and simplicity to design our product. So, there is only one operation button and an LCD display. Besides, advanced optics contribute to an accurate reading. The refractometer measuring data is displayed in real-time! Unlike those dual scale devices that are difficult to read, we design it for a single scale that has more clear and more accurate reading.

Real-time Detection on App

FJD Refractometer Pro supports data synchronous saving and exporting, storing cases, viewing records and analyzing data on the phone. Save the data such as refraction index, brix and specific gravity on the app, then you can check it and have all the details at your fingertips. In addition, professionals can also view more dimensional data through the test model that comes with the App.

Ultra Battery Life of 30 Days

With the help of intelligent algorithms and a platform design of low power consumption, the FJD Pro has a 350 mA lithic battery that can stand by for 30 consecutive days and complete more than 10,000 times of consecutive checks. In this case, users can charge the battery anywhere, anytime with USB Type-C. Click “BUY NOW” button to check price.

What’s Refraction

When put into the solution, the chopsticks appear to bend more as the concentration increases. This phenomenon is the refraction of a light source. The digital brix refractometer or brix meter measures the concentration of liquid according to this principle.

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Degrees Brix

Degrees brix (symbol °Bx) is the unit of measurement for the sugar concentration of an aqueous solution. It refers to the unit of measurement for the proportion of sucrose solids in a sucrose aqueous solution under the condition of a yellow light of 589 nm at 20°C. One degree brix is 1 gram of sucrose in 100 grams of solution. If the solution contains dissolved solids other than pure sucrose, then the °Bx only approximates the dissolved solid content.

Brix Scale

Brix scale is measured by two standards: “refractive index” and “specific gravity”. The degrees brix takes distilled water as the standard point, which equals 0°Bx. When other substances dissolve in water, the final gravity will increase, and the degrees brix will rise above 0°Bx. Thus, the higher the concentration of the dissolved solids in water, the higher the degree brix.

Digital Brix Refractometer

Besides, the automatic digital refractometer is an optical instrument that measures the refractive index (nD), which can help calculate the sugar content (Brix), salinity (%) and the concentration of various substances in a solution.

Identify Sugar Content at a Glance

Nowadays, energy is not the only reason why people consume sugar. For a lot of people, sugar brings them pleasure, enjoyment, and satisfaction. Therefore, fruit and beverage high in sugar exist everywhere. However, excessive intake of sugar can cause obesity or even mild fatty liver symptoms. People who consume excessive sugar for a long period are easier to have metabolic disorders and rough skin. Besides, too much sugar also affects their mental health.

So how exactly can we spot and measure sugar content in our daily life? And how can we make the best choice of food with different sucrose content?

The FJD digital handheld refractometers will be your answer to these questions. It’s a type of brix meter and a great tool that has been widely used in the food and beverage industry. It excels at measuring the sugar content of fruit, soft drinks and other carbonated beverages in sucrose in an accurate, efficient, and convenient way.

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Where to use the best digital brix refractometer

Now that we understand how brix refractometers or brix meters work, let’s see when we need timely knowledge of the concentration of DUT in daily life:

  1. Test the concentration of milk to determine if the milk is adulterated.
  2. For medical purposes, collect a urine sample to measure the urine specific gravity so as to know the concentration level of human physiological fluids. The urine-specific gravity in the ranges of 1.005 to 1.030 is normal.
  3. Test the baume degree and water content of honey to identify its quality.
  4. For fruit farmers, frequent testing of fruit sugar concentration is necessary during the growing process to determine the quality of the fruit.
  5. Test the sugar concentration of food and beverages, which is a daily routine for diabetics or people with weight control.
  6. Detecting the TDS of coffee and controlling the taste of coffee.
  7. Managing the concentration of wine for quality control.
  8. Whether maple syrup changes into hard sugar or used in cooking depends on its sugar content.

In the first case, you may ask for a freezing point refractometer. It can measure the anti-freeze freezing point through glycol testing. In the second case, you may require a plasma protein refractometer to measure plasma protein, fibrinogen and urine specific gravity from the urine sample. In the third case, you may need a honey refractometer. However, for all the other scenarios, all you need is a brix refractometer or brix meter that can test sugar concentration efficiently.

Therefore, FJD Pro brix meter refractometer will be the top choice for you at the lowest price. Its great performance and high quality can help you detect the concentration of sugar quickly in the food and beverage industry.

How to use FJD Pro best digital brix refractometer

Here is a step-by step guide of how to measure the sugar content of oranges using FJD Pro.

1. Rinse the FJD Pro, wipe the sample tank, and press the button to turn it on in a scale-free state.

2. Drop enough amount of distilled water into the sample tank. Note that the sample needs to cover the bottom prism and calibrate the instrument to check whether the instrument is accurate.

3. Short press the button, and then long press it until the screen displays “Zeroing”. This means that the device is in a calibration state.

4. Wait for a moment, when the screen shows “Complete”, and the brix value is 0.00%, it means the instrument has completed the calibration.

5. Wipe the residue from the sample tank and wait for the test.



① Slice the orange and squeeze 2-3 drops of orange juice into the sample tank of the digital handheld refractometer, the sample fluid should cover the bottom of the sample tank.

② Press the button again to start measuring the sugar. Then LCD displays will reveal the sugar concentration, temperature and refraction index of the fruit juice within 2s.

Tips: After using FJD best digital brix refractometer, long press the button to shut it down, and be sure to clean it after brix measurement.

Testing on the App

① Connect the digital refractometer to the App with Bluetooth.

② Select the orange icon in the App.

③ Fill the sample tank with drops of orange juice.

④ Press the blue button in the middle of the device.

⑤ You get the brix reading on the screen.

Huge Potential Demand for Coffee TDS

More than 1 billion people around the world drink coffee every day. No matter whether it is ground coffee or instant coffee, the coffee TDS will determine its quality. Knowing TDS will help ensure the high quality of your coffee. The same goes for shops or individuals that make pour-over coffee. It is clear that coffee with an extraction rate of 18%-22% and a concentration value of 1.2-1.4 is more likely to be regarded as good coffee. So, this device will provide you a good quality control for the coffee.


“Shield” against Diabetes

There were 463 million people with diabetes worldwide in 2019, and the number will jump to 700 million in 2045. Thus, learning how to choose food with suitable sucrose concentration and control sugar intake is an important daily task for patients with diabetes. So, you can use the brix refractometers so that you can understand the sucrose concentration of ingested fruits and carbonated beverages in the most convenient way at any time. It will help you effectively control your daily sugar intake, and actively take care of your own health. Skip to the purchase page and check price!