Best Portable Power Station For Camping


FJD best portable power station is applied in many scenarios, including camping, road trip, or outdoor work. It comes with 2 hours of fast charging and UPS charges in 10 ms. Besides, the power devices can support 99% of appliances and replace battery packs in 30s.


FJD Best Portable Power Station

FJD 2000W pure sine wave AC output power device is the best portable power station.

This high capacity 2264 watt hour power station, which is also called PowerSec, can easily provide you with the power to maintain your life and work, without worrying about power outages.

In this new energy era, every second we need to rely on the power sources to survive. The ways in which people use electricity have also been changing quickly. Today, the generation of electricity demands green power sources (solar power) and using simple and convenient.

The 2000 watt power station does not need the support of other high-voltage cables. It can stay by your side and solve your power problems at any time. Only one press on the button will start the power.

Best Portable Power Station

High Powered 2000W Sine Wave AC Output

High powered 2000 watt power station will bring you a strong sense of security, especially during power outages.

It has 5 different output ports and it can power up to 12 electronic devices at the same time. This means that only one FJD 2000 watt power station will meet all your needs within a day much more than power banks, which only can charge your phone or other small appliances.

Also, the 50/60 hz intelligent switching can meet your needs for different frequences in different places. No matter where you are (home, office, garden, or construction site), and no matter if you are on camping trips or on a road trip, you can get portable power supply in seconds with this best portable power station for camping or other outdoor activities. It’s green (eco mode), safe, practical and affordable.

Fast Charging in Only 2 Hours

This power station is a powered device.

Therefore, you need to make sure that it stores enough power to give people constant power supply.

Our best portable power station needs to have faster charging speed. We produce FJD 2000 watt power station to offer you fast and safe charge.

The device can reach 60% in 1 hour and 100% in 2 hours. Please remember to fully charge your PowerSec even when the portable power supply is normal during weekdays.

It won’t take much time but only 2 hours, but it can solve your power problem under unexpected circumstances.

Equipped with UPS Charges in 10 ms

The most fearful thing for people working in office is sudden power outage due to unstable voltage.

In that situation, computers will shut down abruptly, which is devastating. It will be even more frustrating if your program is in its run time. But if you have an FJD PowerSec , you won’t be troubled by this kind of situation.

All you need to do is to connect it to the power outlet, and connect your computer to the solar generator.

The PowerSec is equipped with a UPS system device. Within 10 ms of receiving the signal of power failure, it can react quickly to restore the power supply of the computer.

Regain Power in 30s

FJD 2000 watts continuous pure sine powerful generator built-in battery is removable. We can buy extra battery packs. Each time you run out of power, just replace the old battery with a new one.

After 30s, the PowerSec will resume working. This is really user-friendly, especially for those who love outdoor activities.

You can simply relax and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without worrying about the power of the storage battery any longer.

If you have friends who are in great need of power sources, give them FJD MP2000 as a gift.

2000 watt power station
2000 watt power station
2000 watt power station
2000 watt power station
Best Portable Power Station

DC & AC Outputs Coexist to Power 99% of All Appliances

Our device comes with a DC/AC inverter. The AC inverter changes DC from a battery into AC. No matter you need DC or AC outputs, you can both rely on the FJD 2000 watts continuous power device to complete the power output.

The AC port and DC port can be used at the same time, and they do not affect each other. Besides, it also has many output ports (a car charging port, USB ports and USB C ports).

If we consider one charge and discharge as one cycle, the 2264 watt hour high capacity PowerSec can repeat the cycle for more than 1000 run times. It is a strong powered device for almost all large machines and small appliances. 2264 watt hour solar generator (solar panel optional) with 3 AC outlets and 3 DC outlets. It can take care of people’s working life by providing consistent power.


Power for the CPAP 

For example, when you sleep with the CPAP machine, you may be worried about a sudden power failure in the middle of the night that will cause the CPAP machines to stop working. So, you can link the CPAP machines to FJD portable power station, and then link the PowerSec to the wall AC outlets before you sleep.

In this way, when the house suddenly expriences power outage, it will respond quickly in 10s. Then, it will continue to supply power to the CPAP machine to maintain your normal breathing while sleeping.

Best Portable Power Station




Fast Charging

How to operate

1)  Before replacing the battery, turn off the power.

2)  Open the cover and switch off the battery.

3)  Unplug the battery, loosen the butterfly screw, take out the pressure piece, and then take out the battery.

4)  Put in the new battery, insert the metal pressing piece, tighten the butterfly screw, and plug it.

5)  Turn on the battery, and place the cover back in its place.

Safety security

We are a professional manufacturer. We carefully chose soft pack ternary lithium batteries for you.

Compared to the cylindrical lithium ion battery, in the same battery capacities, the volume of ternary lithium battery is smaller.

In addition, ternary lithium battery has super metal protection, which makes it more durable and safer to use. It is very suitable for this best portable power station 2000W.

Direct charging, no adapter

FJD MP2000 is a new type of power output devices. Rather than using traditional charging methods, we take advantage of the integrated AC-DC power.

This will allow you to use the device without the need to have an AC to DC adapter. We can directly use the AC wire to charge the PowerSec.

In this way, charging is convenient and fast. It is a constant power supply at home.

Wide Range of Power Stations

Home Backup Power

FJD MP2000 can serve as a home backup power. It especially works well during emergencies such as sudden power failure, snowstorm or hurricane. It will be your best companion. Our life should not stop because we don’t have backup power. FJD 2000W power stations as power devices with multiple charging ports, they will power your mini fridge, hair dryer, CPAP machines, the computer, power tools and other small appliances.

Power Output for Outdoor Work

Because there is no fixed outlet as power station offered in the outdoor environment, people may find it inconvenient to work outdoors. FJD MP2000, which can be solar powered, will solve this problem for you. Our high powered 2000W power station ensures that your power tools won’t strike and that you can finish it on time. Taking FJD MP2000 with large battery capacities will make everything much easier. The most important thing is that one power station offered can be applied to many electronic devices at the same time.

Road Trip Companion

If you like road trips, driving a RV, or camping trips, you know that we need high capacity 2000 watt power station to support these activities. FJD best portable power station for camping can charge your phone by USB ports or Type-C ports all day. It ensures proper power output to keep your mini fridge fully charged. You don’t have to worry about it running out of power beacause it’s also solar powered.

Security of Filming Outside

We all know that filming is very power-consuming. Power banks with small capacities are able to charge your phone, but it cannot solve your filming problem. However, if you have a FJD 2000W PowerSec with you, you can film whatever you want.

Charging Options for FJD Best Portable Power Station

Four different charging options for you to choose:

Solar Power: This solar powered device supports using portable solar recharging. 4-5 hours to reach full power using 600W solar recharging. Besides, we recommend the use of 120W/200W/400W/600W portable solar panels charging.

AC Outlet: 2 hours to reach full charge using AC outlets rated at 1200W;

12V Car Charger: Use the car charger we provide to charge. It takes 32 to 34 hours to fully charge the device. When the LCD shows that the battery power is 100%, it means that the battery is fully charged.

Powerful Generator (rated power up to 1500W, non-loaded).

LCD Screen with Information at a Glance

This power station is equipped with a high-definition LCD screen. The display will accurately show the output status of different ports, including USB ports, USB C ports, AC port, DC port, device battery power and temperature alert.

You can clearly know the battery capacity of the PowerSec, so you can reserve power in time. When the device’s battery level falls below 20%, it is recommended to recharge it as soon as possible so as to extend the battery life.

Best Portable Power Station

A great alternative to RV solar

You may supply power to your RV by assembling a large number of solar panels. However, if you have a high capacity 2264 watt hour solar generator, you will only need to carry one powered device.

This device has a long power duration and it is easy to carry around. Also, it can supply power to a variety of electronic devices at the same time.

Warranty period for FJD best portable power station

The warranty period is 24 months starting from the day of purchase. Besides, you need to provide your receipts or other documents to prove the starting date of your warranty.