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Brix meter for sale – FJD Ultimate

FJD Brix meter refractometer with ±0.1% high accuracy brix measurement, fast measuring within 2s, automatic temperature compensation, IP67, 1.5m fall resistant, independent of light source & 30-day battery life

Brix Meter Refractometer with Automatic Temperature Compensation

Temperature is one of the most important factors that affect the accuracy of refractometer readings. Since temperature affects the refractive index, when you’re using a portable optical refractometer without automatic temperature compensation ATC, the temperature of the tested liquid must be somewhere around 20℃ to ensure the accuracy of refractometer readings. Built with automatic temperature compensation ATC, FJD brix refractometer delivers accurate readings even if the measurements are in different room temperatures. So you can get the same brix scale soft drinks, measured at 10℃ or 25℃. This is a huge bonus in comparison with optical refractometers with no automatic temperature compensation ATC.

An Accurate Reading Result Only 2s Away

Easy operation beyond your imagination. FJD refractometer product line stands out with easy operation in mind. You will only have to add a couple of drops to the sampling tank and press the blue button in the middle, then the brix refractometer reading will be displayed on the LCD screen within 2s. Yes, that is so quick.

A Wide Range of Brix Measurement for Refractometer

Built-in with a smart light sensation chip and an ultra-sensitive sensor, FJD Refractometer Ultimate takes the accuracy and the measuring range to the next level. It features ±0.1% high accuracy brix measurement, requires 0.05ml of sample liquid only, and measures the specific gravity scale from 0% to 95% (a wide range we like to call the ultimate range), perfect for measuring the sugar content of fruit juice, measuring the sugar content of maple, and measuring the sugar content of wort.

LCD Screen for Clear Display Even in the Sunlight

The LCD screen of this brix meter refractometer displays clarity, even in the sunlight. It clearly shows brix measurement figures, temperature, refractive index, and other information.

brix meter refractometer

Built-in Brix Scale in this Brix Meter for Sale

Do you know that FJD brix meter refractometer has a built-in brix scale that tells you the quality of fruit and vegetables? The first thing you need to do when receiving the refractometer would be downloading a designated App called DiFluid. You may find it on Google Play here.

USB-C Quick Charging

Built-in with a 350 mAh lithium battery, FJD Refractometer Ultimate recharges via a Type-C port, and its battery life lasts 30 days after one single charge. With a fast-charging system, it will be back to full power in one hour.

Thanks to the advanced algorithm built in the app and the device, you get to know the quality of the test items, i.e. fruit and vegetables.

Compact & Powerful Brix Meter Refractometer

Super lightweight, FJD Refractometer Ultimate weighs only 24g. And it’s ultra fall-resistant – works as usual if falls from a height of 1.5m. It is also IP67 rated, so you can rinse the whole device with tap water after brix measurement.

What is a digital refractometer

A digital refractometer is an instrument for refraction index measurement. When light enters from one substance to another, it changes its path, and that‘s what we call refraction. When light passes through a liquid containing dissolved solids, the refraction will be even greater. So, people use a refractometer to measure the concentration of dissolved solids in a solution. All in all, a digital refractometer comes in handy if you want to do a brix measurement.

Unlike other optical refractometers, whose dual scale is only accessible by allowing a light source to enter its eyepiece, the digital refractometer displays the reading on an LCD screen. You look down and the refractometer readings are right there, visible even in the sunlight. A little bit more about the dual scale: It measures both the brix and specific gravity of a solution and you can get readings on both of these two categories on this one scale. What is great about the FJD digital refractometer is that you can do the measurement independent of any exterior light source – the system has a built-in light source. And that means you can do the refractometer measurement even in a dimly-lit room.

digital refractometer

How to Use the FJD Digital Refractometer


  1. Clean the sample tank with water, then dry it with a cleaning cloth.
  2. Switch on the Bluetooth on your phone, open the App, and scan the QR code at the back of the device to connect the refractometer to the App.

Calibration & Brix Measurement

Digital refractometer Calibration

  1. Press the button in the middle to switch on the device.
  2. Add a couple of drops of distilled water (please make sure that the glass of the sample tank is submerged).
  3. Press and release the button and then press and hold the button. You will see “zeroing” on the screen.
  4. On completion of calibration, the reading of brix shall be “0.00%”.

Solution Brix Measurement

  1. Press the blue button in the middle to start.
  2. Add the tested liquid (immerse the glass at the bottom completely).
  3. Press the blue button to start measuring.
  4. You get the reading within 2s.


  1. Clean and wipe the sampling tank before and after measurement.
  2. The temperature of the liquid shall be consistent with the room temperature. To get accurate readings, please make sure the refractometer measurement is within the range of 5℃-45℃. You wouldn’t want to go extreme.
  3. Immerse the glass with your sample.
  4. In case of big deviations, calibrate the device with freshwater or a drop of distilled water. Yes, you’ve heard us right. Only a drop of distilled water is necessary for calibration because the sampling tank is relatively small in comparison with other optical refractometers.
  5. Be sure the device is dry before charging.
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FJD Brix Meter Refractometer for Honey Measurement

Honey is from bees who collect nectars from flowers and turn the sucrose included into glucose with the enzyme they produce. There are more than 181 kinds of substances in honey, including carbohydrates, minerals, and water. Water takes up 14-20% of honey.

Water content is one of the factors to look at when determining honey’s quality. Honey is hydroscopic, indicating that it absorbs moisture from its surrounding area. If the honey has a high water content (above 18%), it’s more likely to be fermented. Thus, impatient beekeepers who harvest uncapped honey are more likely to end up with spoiled or fermented honey.

So how to figure out the water content of the honey? The refractometer is the answer.

If you’re, for the first time, using an FJD Refractometer Ultimate, whose measuring has a wide range of 0-95%, the first thing you would do before measuring the honey would be downloading an App called DiFluid. We recommend this App because it interconnects with the refractometer, giving you the ability to see the water content and baume as well – the refractometer will be showing you the brix only. Scroll on to find how to use this brix meter refractometer on the following page. Its simplicity will surprise you a lot.

Ultimate Brix Meter for Home Refractometer Brewing

With the FJD Ultimate brix meter for sale, you can measure the sugar content, salinity, baume degree, moisture content, and dissolved solids in coffees (TDS). But can I use it for home refractometer brewing? Yes, as the refractometer is just a tool that measures the refractive index (to what extent the light is bent as it goes through a solution). Technically, you can measure the refractive index of any solution.

On a brew day, you want to have the original gravity or starting gravity of wort to refer to for understanding where you are in the brewing process. You will need to get a refraction index, which is then divided by the wort correction factor that you get from a refractometer beer calculator on the Internet, and gets you to a brix reading that tells you the amount of sugars dissolved in the solution. After fermentation, you will get the final gravity, which can help figure out the alcohol content of the final beverage and contribute to home refractometer brewing.

refractometer brewing
refractometer brewing

Hydrometer & Refractometer Beer Calculator

A hydrometer is one of the tools measure the specific gravity with on a brew day. Specific gravity or brix is another way people used to say how dense the solution is with dissolved solids for the food and beverage. The hydrometer comes with a specific gravity scale and it requires more of a wort sample for final gravity reading measurement than a digital refractometer. Again, only a small sample is necessary for refractometer brewing. With a hydrometer, you determine the original gravity or starting gravity (how much dissolved sugar is in the wort before fermentation) by dropping the hydrometer into a cylinder filled high enough to allow the hydrometer to float. And then you get the hydrometer reading from the graduated tube.

Beer brewing is the process where yeast in the wort converts dissolved sugars into ethanol and carbon dioxide. You can, with a hydrometer and a refractometer calculator, measure the specific gravity, brix and wort correction factor of a wort sample on a brew day.

If you use an FJD digital refractometer rather than a refractometer calculator to measure the brix reading, the alcohol content is almost as multiplying this value by 0.59. The refractometer measurement reading of wort sample needs checking throughout the whole brewing process. So you can measure the saccharification efficiency, the formula target, the brewing process, and the time when brewing finished. When the fermentation stops – the yeast stops converting dissolved sugar into CO2 and alcohol – the gravity readings will stay put. People who use a hydrometer would not want to interfere during a healthy fermentation for fear of contamination. A big portion of the wort sample is necessary to get hydrometer readings and you don’t want to return the sample back to the carboy. You’re likely to contaminate the whole batch.

FJDynamics Digital Refractometer VS Hydrometer on testing brix of wort

FJDynamics Digital Refractometer
Sample Volume
Only a small sample liquid
Need large amounts of sample liquid
Operation Simple operation with just one press on the blue button for the final reading. Complicated operation. You need to put the wort sample into acylinder, and observe the gravity readings from a hydrometer. Besides, a sanitized thermometer is also necessary.
Temperature effects Automatic temperature compensation: refractometer reading will be corrected automatically if the measurement is in different temperatures. Values may differ greatly at different temperatures.
Cleaning & Maintenance
Easy to clean by rinsing, and it is fall-resistant.
Hard to clean and maintain.

Applications of the brix meter for sale

The brix refractometer matters a lot to the food industry. The application in beverage industries is just a case in point. As countries in Europe have been taking measures to curb the obesity rate, the sugar content of soft drinks is under strict regulation, i.e., The Soft Drinks Industry Levy issued by the UK government. People in the food industry use the refractometer to ensure the amount of sugars / brix scale soft drinks or others in their product line is under control and consistent. So they get to control every bottle of coke or fruit juice to taste the same from this batch to the next. All in all, the refractometer provides professionals with statistics to bring product quality under control in the food and beverage industries.

Another example has to be fruit and vegetables. A typical scenario would be cherry farmers squeezing a couple of drops of fruit juice on a refractometer to measure the sugar content, then they can determine the ripeness of the produce – What stage is the fruit in right now and when is the right time for harvest?

If you’re looking for a brix meter for sale as well as wonderful customer service, you’ve come to the right place. The team at FJD product line will respond to any questions you may have within 24h. If you’re bugged, please also feel free to reach us anytime. Customer service is what we value and the way we sustain our business. We look forward to continued collaboration with you.

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