Brix Meter

FJD Pro – Best Digital Refractometer

±0.1% Brix Reading Accuracy

– Brix Measurement from 0% to 55%

– Automatic Temperature Compensation

– Results within 2s

– For Fruit Juices, Food and Beverage Industry, etc.

brix meter

Precise, Pocketable, and Pro

±0.1% High Accuracy

FJD brix meter Pro features an advanced algorithm, an ultra-sensitive sensor, and our fastest chip. So you get accurate degree brix readings with little difference, no matter how many tests you perform with this digital brix refractometer at the same room temperature.

Wide Range: 0%-55%

With a wide range of the degree brix scale going from 0% to 55%, FJD brix meter Pro is your perfect digital brix refractometer. Measure all types of fruit juices in the world. And it can be used in food and beverage industry, including carbonated beverages and soft drinks. Challenge extended. But FJD brix meter Pro doesn’t just stop there. Saltwater aquarium hobbyists and baristas, you’re more than welcome to test the salinity of your fish tank and the coffee TDS of your specialty coffee.


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brix refractometer
brix refractometer
brix refractometer
refractometer brix

Automatic Temperature Compensation

Temperature is one of the most important factors that affect the accuracy of the brix refractometer reading.

With automatic temperature compensation, you can zero the brix meter with drops of distilled water, but be sure it’s at room temperature within this range: 5℃-45℃.

The greatest thing about ATC is that you don’t have to calibrate the digital refractometer brix manually. You get the same brix readings of a soft drink, be it measured at 10℃ or 25℃.

refractometer brix
refractometer brix

Results Within 2s and        Comes with an App

We empower digital refractometers with the most advanced chip we’ve ever developed, so you get accurate readings within 2 seconds.

It also comes with an App that has multiple brix measurement models ready — you get the brix reading and the quality rating at the same time.

Plus, you can save the readings for future reference in the App.

FJD Brix Meter Pro VS Analog Refractometer Brix

FJD Refractometer Air
FJD Refractometer Pro
FJD Refractometer Ult
Brix Range
Brix Accuracy ±0.1% ±0.1% ±0.1%
Resolution 0.05% 0.05% 0.05%
Sample Volume ≥0.05ml ≥0.05ml ≥0.05ml
Measurement Time ≤2s ≤2s ≤2s
Working Temperature 5-45℃ 5-45℃ 5-45℃
Battery Type rechargeable lithium battery rechargeable lithium battery rechargeable lithium battery
Battery Life ≥3h ≥3h ≥3h
IP Rating IP67 IP67 IP67
Dimension 84*23*14.5mm 84*23*14.5mm 84*23*14.5mm
Weight 24g 24g 24g

7 Steps of Measuring the Coffee TDS

① Use the cleaning cloth that comes with the kit to clean the sample tank. Press the blue button to turn on the digital brix refractometer.

② Immerse the glass in the sample tank with distilled water.

③ Short press the button, and then long-press it for zeroing. When the screen displays 0.00%, the calibration is done.

④ Rid the sample tank of any residue.

⑤ Immerse the sample tank with 2-3 drops of coffee fluid.

⑥ Press the blue button to get brix readings, temperature, and the TDS of offee.

⑦ Thoroughly clean the device to make it residue-free.

Note: You may also get a quality rating with the help of DiFluid, an App that connects to the device via Bluetooth and boasts multiple models you can choose before the brix measurement.

brix refractometer