FJD Pro ATC Refractometer

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  • Brix range 0-55%. Used for food, fruit, beverage, coffee, wine, industrial fluids, etc.
  • 6 in 1. Sugar content, refractive index, salinity, moisture content, Baumé, and Coffee TDS.
  • Automatic temperature compensation ATC refractometer. Get accurate brix readings in 2s, regardless of the influence of temperature. High accuracy ±0.1%.
  • IP67 waterproof and anti-drop (1.5 meters). You can wash the whole refractometer with water.
  • Small, light and easy to use with only one button.

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ATC Refractometer with Accurate Readings

The FJD Brix Refractometer Pro is an auto refractometer equipped with quality optics. It is also an ATC refractometer for the function of automatic temperature compensation. This ability keeps the brix refractometer operating properly at a temperature range from 5℃ to 45℃. With a built-in NTC intelligent algorithm and multimodal sensing hardware, the ATC refractometer provides accurate brix readings only in 2s. The reading error is within 0.1%. Besides, the wide measurement range of FJD Pro is 0 to 55 brix rather than 0 to 32 brix.

Digital Refractometer for Multi-scenario Applications

The Pro version with precision optical components is ideal for you. It can not only measure the sugar content of fruit juices and soft drinks but also measure the coffee concentration (TDS), salinity, and brix value. Without reading the final gravity through a specific gravity scale, the brix value of the liquid will be automatically displayed. Whether you’re a barista or an expert focused on grain brewing, this auto refractometer with accurate and quick readings is essential.

atc refractometer

Convenient Charging & Long Battery Life

This auto refractometer has a 350 mAh lithium battery. It can be on standby for 30 days, which is longer than most competing products. It can complete more than 10,000 inspections in a row. Users can use USB Type-C to charge the battery anytime, anywhere.

brix refractometer with atc

Real-time Detection on App

The brix refractometer with ATC supports data saving and output, case storage, and data analysis on mobile phones. Every piece of data you seek is recorded in detail on the app, including the sugar content, brix value, final gravity, and much more. It’s convenient for brewing professionals to check the quality of your food or drink with the FJD digital refractometer.

atc brix refractometer

Efficient Design & Easy to Clean

Weighing only 24g, this brix refractometer with ATC is a precision optical tool. The ABS material has corrosion resistance, a unique hydrogel film design, and IP67 dust and water resistance rating, all of which make the refractometer durable, comfortable to handle, and very easy to clean. Dual scale refractometers sometimes have large reading errors. Thus, we design a single-scale refractometer with more accurate readings than the dual scale one. Not like each unit of those traditional refractometers with a manual calibration knob that is secured with a lock nut, the design of FJD Pro is simple and efficient.

Model FJD Refractometer Pro
Brix Range 0-55%
Accuracy ±0.1%
Resolution 0.05%
Sample Volume ≥0.05ml
Measurement Time ≤2s
Working Temperature 5~45°C
Battery Type Built-in lithium 350mAh battery
Battery Life Above 3h
IP Rating IP 67
Dimension 84×23×14.5mm
Weight 24g

Q1: How to use the FJD Brix Refractometer Pro?

A1: First, use distilled water to calibrate the degree brix if not using it for a long time. Next, boot the FJD Brix Refractometer Pro in a sugar-free state before measuring sugar. Put only a few drops of liquid sample into the sample tank, then click to test. It will not take a long time for testing. The readings of degree brix, temperature, and refraction rate will come out within 2s on the LCD screen, quick and accurate. We recommend that you use it with the App to see more test data.

Q2: What to do if there is a deviation in the results of several tests?

A2: Try recalibrating the refractometer. No need to drop some water on the testing platform and adjust the refractometer to zero or apply 2-3 drops to the prism surface and close the cover like traditional refractometers. First, rinse the auto refractometer, wipe the sample tank, and click the button to turn it on in a scale-free state. Then, drop enough amount of distilled water into the sample tank. Press the button briefly followed by a long press until the screen reads “Complete” and the brix reads “0.00%”. Then, your instrument is ready to work again, providing you with fast readings and accurate results. ATC automatic temperature compensation helps the refractometer work perfectly at a temperature from 5°C to 45°C. Besides, the measurements may be incorrect if alcohol is present.

Q3: What kind of fruit can this ATC refractometer test for sugar content?

A3: The handheld refractometer can measure the sugar content of almost all fruits: apples, grapes, oranges, pineapples, and so on. With a quality optics design, it will calculate the refractive index of the liquid and convert the brix scale of the liquid with its light source. Remember to squeeze them to make juice! If you need wider brix range, check FJD maple syrup refractometer here.

Q4: Can this brix refractometer with ATC measure the sugar content of milk?

A4: The FJD Brix Refractometer Pro is a great tool for testing the total dissolved solids without the need for a specific gravity scale. Add only a few drops of liquid to the sample tank, you’ll get the most accurate results. Because milk contains some other solid soluble substances besides sugar, the data gathered may be inconsistent with the ingredient description on milk packaging.

Q5: What is the ATC function and how does it work?

A5: The ATC function means that you can use the refractometer in an ambient temperature range of 50-86°F. FJD brix refractometer can also measure the brix of unfermented wort besides salinity and coffee TDS.

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40 reviews for FJD Pro ATC Refractometer

  1. Leonardo

    Great product for measuring the brix of beer during the brewing process.

  2. Elana

    This device is really easy to use. When using with fermented or fermenting beer, make sure to use a refractometer calculator to get the appropriate reading.

  3. Harvey


  4. Rueben

    Very accurate, within about 0.1 Brix.

  5. Warner

    I really like this product. Easy to use, clear screen, easy to clean.

  6. Tia

    Love this thing. Much easier and more accurate than a sight glass.

  7. Patti

    works great, can get same reading from same batch every time

  8. Malcolm

    It works.

  9. Dewayne

    I need to measure gelatin at 100 degrees Celsius. Can I measure it with this refractometer?

    • FJD Retail Official

      Our refractometer can work in temperature ranges from 5°C to 45°C. If you want to test gelatin, you need to cool it down to the temperature range.

  10. Donny

    Awsome! It is fully automatic, with temperature compensation, and data recording!

  11. Arielle

    Does this refractometer use batteries?

    • FJD Retail Official

      FJD Refractometer supports Type-C charging, with a 350 mAh lithium battery. It can be fully charged in 1h.

  12. Carrie

    Quick and easy measurements with only tiny tiny samples.

  13. Anton

    Can I use it to test salinity?

    • FJD Retail Official

      Yes, it works.

  14. Rhys

    I used it to measure coffee TDS and it is so accurate.

  15. Demi

    Is there a place that can be fixed so that the refractometer will not be lost?

    • FJD Retail Official

      Yes, our products come with a strap to fasten.

  16. Moses

    What kind of fruit does it support?

    • FJD Retail Official

      It covers many kinds of fruits including grapes, orange, strawberry, lemon, and so on.

  17. Nina

    It works for coffee TDS!

  18. Modesta

    Easy operation.

  19. Henrietta

    A great tool.

  20. Asa

    It is good to use.

  21. Edison

    How to calibrate it?

    • FJD Retail Official

      You can calibrate it via the blue button. It shall be completed within a few seconds.

  22. Ramon

    Tough little meter. Compact & accurate.

  23. Pilar

    Works great and is very compact and easy to carry.

  24. Faith

    Sturdy and easy to use for home brewing.

  25. Donnell

    Very straight forward operation.

  26. Mckinley

    Is this good for checking antifreeze?

    • FJD Retail Official

      Yes, you can use it to measure antifreeze.

  27. Eve

    How about the weight and can I carry it around?

    • FJD Retail Official

      This device weighs only 24g. It is palm-sized with a streamlined design. Easy to carry around.

  28. Grover

    Is it waterproof and drop-resistant?

    • FJD Retail Official

      Yes, it is IP67 water-resistant and supports 1.5m drop resistance.

  29. Darci

    Is the battery durable?

    • FJD Retail Official

      FJD Pro has a 350 mA lithic battery that can stand by for 30 consecutive days and complete more than 10,000 times of consecutive checks.

  30. August

    Is it possible to connect to my phone?

    • FJD Retail Official

      Yes, it comes with fast Bluetooth connection to the app.

  31. Mabel

    This is a great tool for the hardcore home brewer.

  32. Stewart

    Happy with my purchase. Replaced my old refractometer with this one.

  33. Mohamed

    Get you one! This thing works great.

  34. Catharine

    The LCD screen clearly shows brix value, temperature, and refractive index!

  35. Mikel

    What is your measurement range?

    • FJD Retail Official

      FJD Pro has a brix range of 0-55%.

  36. Fletcher

    How to clean this meter?

    • FJD Retail Official

      Some drops of distilled water are perfect, but tap water will work as well.

  37. Antonia

    Hi is this ATC?

    • FJD Retail Official

      Yes, it is.

  38. Stacia

    Do you offer maintenance?

    • FJD Retail Official

      We offer a one-year warranty period.

  39. Elinor

    Will it support charging?

    • FJD Retail Official

      Yes, FJD Refractometer recharges via a Type-C port.

  40. Kathie

    This refractometer worked great. Very easy to read.

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