FJD Hand Held Refractometer Air

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  • Brix range 0-32%. It’s suitable for measuring fruit juice, soft drinks, coffee, wine, cutting oil, etc.
  • 6 in 1. Sugar content, refractive index, salinity, moisture content, Baumé, and Coffee TDS.
  • Fast results within 2s, high accuracy ±0.1%. There is no need for a long waiting and calculating process.
  • Automatic temperature compensation. One-click calibration, take the measurement between 5°C-45°C.
  • Bluetooth connection with mobile App. Choose different models for fruit, vegetable, salinity, and coffee test.

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Accurate Detection Only in 2s

Get your test done in just 2s with a highly accurate reading. Thanks to the advanced algorithm, FJD refractometer handheld is easy to use and responds fast with accurate results. So, it’s much more convenient for home and business rather than the benchtop refractometer. Only 2 drops of liquid are needed. Then you’ll have accurate results at the touch of a button.

Digital Refractometers with ATC Function

The digital refractometer comes with automatic temperature compensation. Thus, it can work in temperature ranges from 5°C to 45°C. So, the brix and specific gravity won’t be skewed by liquid or ambient temperature. As a result, this ensures accurate results for tests of a heat transfer solution, alcohol content, and sugar content. You don’t need to calibrate it over given temperature ranges. So, with this ATC refractometer, you can monitor and control the concentration of some products.

hand held refractometer

Handheld Refractometer Measuring Range

With the brix scale range from 0% to 32%, 0.1% of accuracy, and 0.05% of resolution, the opti digital handheld refractometer supports a wide range of detection. It’s ideal for anyone who tests the salinity, coffee TDS, or sugar content of soft drinks and fruit juices. So, if you’re looking for a portable refractometer, this one is worth a look. With an accurate reading of the refractive index, it would be the best refractometer handheld and your top pick.

handheld refractometer

Integrated APP Intelligent Detection

Many measuring models are available on the mobile application. Directly select the model that you’re ready to test and get the most accurate results. Save the data such as refractive index and brix and specific gravity on the app. Then you can check it and have all the details at your fingertips. All measuring data of digital refractometers can be viewed on and exported from the mobile app.

Durable & Pocket-sized Refractometer

This hand held refractometer is small enough to be carried around. And it can be even put in your pocket anytime, anywhere, without carrying a storage case. Drop-resistant (1.5 meters) and IP67 water-resistant, it’s the best hand held refractometer with long battery life in 2022! Check hand held refractometer price!

hand held refractometer

Model FJD Refractometer Air
Brix Range 0-32%
Accuracy ±0.1%
Resolution 0.05%
Sample Volume ≥0.05ml
Measurement Time ≤2s
Working Temperature 5~45°C
Battery Type Built-in lithium 350mAh battery
Battery Life Above 3h
IP Rating IP 67
Dimension 84×23×14.5mm
Weight 24g

Q1: I am into home brewing. Can I use this hand held refractometer for making beer?

A1: For sure. This refractometer with automatic temperature compensation can be used for home brewing. For home brewing hobbyists, this opti digital handheld refractometer is a must-have. With this refractometer, you can measure the sugar content of the wort in the pre-fermentation process. So, you can know the alcohol content of the final product.

Q2: When should I use calibration fluid for this refractometer handheld?

A2: If you get positive or negative values after dripping clear water, you need to press the button for a short time. And then long-press it to calibrate. It can be used normally after the calibration.

Q3: Does this handheld refractometer use batteries or does it support charging?

A3: The FJD Refractometer Air supports Type-C charging, with a 350 mAh lithium battery. It can reach full charge in 1h. Continuous use for more than 3 hours and continuous standby for up to 200 days.

Q4: Does the liquid groove of the hand held refractometer need to be covered during measurement?

A4: You don’t need a storage case to protect your FJD Refractometer Air. Those handheld refractometers with fragile lenses cannot receive light refraction. But the Air version handheld refractometers take accurate measurements in less than 2s.

Q5: I am a fruit wholesaler in the food beverage industry. I need to buy a device with a good hand held refractometer price to test the sugar content of fruit. Can I trust the accuracy of your product?

A5: It’s your top pick with advanced optics. Please rest assured that the accuracy of our product is certified by professional organizations. You can also buy professional calibration fluids to test the accuracy of the refractometer handheld.

Q6: Are there any notes for testing I need to know?

A6: When using it for the first time, it is necessary to calibrate the device with pure water at room temperature until the brix scale on the screen shows 0%. If test results vary significantly, the temperature difference is the root cause. Calibrate the device with clean water. If you want to test the content of water in honey, please check FJD maple syrup refractometer.

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handheld refractometer

20 reviews for FJD Hand Held Refractometer Air

  1. Andre

    Read instructions and working great.

  2. Lashay

    Can I use this to measure wine grape brix?

    • FJD Retail Official

      Yes, it can measure the brix of wine.

  3. Lewis

    Great tool for fruit juice!

  4. Roseann

    We’ve been using this Refractometer for a couple of months now and highly recommend.

  5. Patrick

    Easy to use, quick read.

  6. Lashunda

    Works great to help us measure sugars

  7. Aida

    They are fairly priced and just work without problems.

  8. Lanny

    A good investment for my brew lab.

  9. Charles

    I am in love with this instrument. No more large samples.

  10. Sondra

    This is a precise instrument.

  11. liana sa

    Cost-effective refractometer!

  12. Calvin K Smith

    Very useful & functionaly tool, works well!

  13. Vallie

    Can I have a discount when buying 3 FJD Ultimate refractometers?

    • FJD Retail Official

      Our products are all priced at a unified national price. You can enjoy free shipping to your home when you place an order for 3 models, and the order will be shipped immediately.

  14. Rosaline

    A nice pocket size tool for fruit juice!

  15. Hamish

    Are your refractometers suitable for coffee testing?

    • FJD Retail Official

      Hi, AIR is only suitable for measuring fruits, it is best to use PRO version for coffee.

  16. Penny

    These guys make refractometers with the same accuracy as ATAGO, but a lot cheaper.

  17. Torri

    Will you ship to Germany? How many days will it take?

    • FJD Retail Official

      Yeah, we ship our products to US and Europe. The expected delivery time is 5-10 business days. You can check the shipping policy page for reference.

  18. Malorie

    Can I use this for homebrewing?

    • FJD Retail Official

      Definitely. It’s accurate and easy-to-use.

  19. Amanda

    Good stuff to use. Love it!

  20. Beat Paolo Kofler

    Which device do I need to calculate the sugar content of the mash?

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