FJD Refractometer Ultimate

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  • Brix range 0-95%. Measure almost everything you want including fruit, coffee, seawater, wine, antifreeze, jam, concentrated juice, honey, maple syrup, etc.
  • 6 in 1. Sugar content, refractive index, salinity, moisture content, Baumé, and Coffee TDS.
  • Fast and accurate result with LCD display and mobile App. You can read the brix value within 2 seconds and the accuracy is ±0.1%.
  • Automatic temperature compensation. One-click calibration with distilled water and take the measurement with only 2-3 drops of a sample.
  • IP67 waterproof & anti-drop. Easy to clean the whole refractometer with water.

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±0.1% High Accuracy & Fast Reading

Only 0.05ml of sample liquid is enough for refractometer measurement. After that, the accurate measurements can help provide pure maple syrup between 66 brix and 68 brix. A 0-95% wide range, making it possible to measure the sugar content of maple and wort, fruit or fruit juice. Besides, this maple sap refractometer/maple syrup refractometer is engineered with smart algorithms. So it can measure the refractive index of the solution. Also, it provides an accurate reading only within 2s.

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Easy Operation & Take On-The-Go

You only need to add a couple of drops of solution to the sample tank, and press the blue button. Then, the brix scale will be displayed on the LCD screen. Brix measurements should be just this easy. In addition, this portable digital refractometer is a maple sap refractometer. And it is also a maple syrup refractometer. As its super lightweight, this refractometer weighs only 24g. So, you can take it anywhere and anytime for its pocket-size.

brix refractometer for maple syrup

Durable & User-friendly

This brix refractometer for maple syrup has a built-in 350 mAh lithium battery. So it is durable for 10000+ consecutive measurements. Moreover, it recharges via a Type-C port, and has a battery life of 30 days. No need to worry about the maintenance of the brix refractometer for maple syrup or other solutions after measurement. For its IP67 water-resistance, you can rinse the ATC refractometer with tap water. Besides, it does not have a rubber handgrip, so it’s much easier for maintenance. Also, the handheld digital refractometers are made with smooth and strong plastics. Thus, the device is very friendly to user.

Automatic Temperature Compensation

This maple sap refractometer or maple syrup refractometer comes with automatic temperature compensation. Thus, it provides accurate readings even if the measurements were done at different temperatures. However, those traditional refractometers without this function cannot work well anytime. Because the temperature may affect the accuracy of refractometer readings.

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Discover More On Your Phone

What is more amazing is that the portable refractometer comes with an App. So it can tell you the quality of the product you’re producing. Besides, it measures the maple syrup or maple sap with one teeny-tiny sample size as small as 0.05ml. As a result, it’s much more than just accurate measurements of the refractive index. In a word, we have cleared the way in your application scenarios and made all the degree brix or other readings easy for you.

ModelFJD Refractometer Ultimate
Brix Range0-95%
Sample Volume≥0.05ml
Measurement Time≤2s
Working Temperature5~45°C
Battery TypeBuilt-in lithium 350mAh battery
Battery LifeAbove 3h
IP RatingIP 67

Q1: Can this refractometer work well in beer brewing?

A1: Yes, we can measure the brix of the wort sample, and then calculate the alcohol content of beer after fermentation. Also, with this digital refractometer, you can measure the degree brix, salinity, and dissolved solids in coffees, no need to refer to a brix scale

Q2: Does this refractometer measure the sugar content of maple?

A2: Yes, this handheld refractometer can measure the sugar content within a range of 0-95%. So, it is suitable for maple syrup producers.

Q3: Does this maple syrup refractometer measure solutions of any temperature?

A3: We recommend using a liquid at room temperature for the measurement.

Q4: Can this maple syrup refractometer be recharged?

A4: Yes, it recharges via a Type-C port, and has 30-day long battery life.

Q5: How to test the sugar content of maple syrup for a maple syrup producer?

A5: At first, boil the maple sap to get rid of the extra moisture in the maple sap. Wait until the syrup cools down, and just take the digital refractometers out of your pocket. Next, calibrate the ATC refractometer with reverse osmosis or distilled water. Then, test the sugar content of maple syrup with the digital refractometer.

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