Motion Sensor Closet Light


  • Modern & Simple Appearance: motion activated light with simple and stylish design, integrated into various home decorations without irritating the eyes.
  • Smart & Sensitive LED Lights: excellent sensor sensitivity, providing you with warm light and guiding you in the dark.
  • Rechargeable Motion Sensor Light for Closet: say goodbye to non-recyclable AAA batteries, power saving and worry-free choice.
  • Easy Installation for Limited Space: easy to install, perfect for where have limited space or no access to electricity.
  • 2 Light Colors & 3 Lighting Modes: cool/warm light to choose, ON/AUTO/OFF modes switching according to your needs.

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Modern & Simple Appearance

The motion sensor closet light is designed with reflective and breathing lights. So it won’t irritate your eyes when you turn on the battery powered light at night. And the simple and stylish appearance design can be integrated into various decoration styles. You can choose from two models: pure white and yellow-brown wood. Thus, the LED lights can work as a small light accompanying you to get up to feed kids at night. Besides, the battery operated LED closet light is also a good decoration for your home.
motion sensor light for closet

Smart & Sensitive LED Lights

When the motion sensor night light detects your movement in the dark, it will provide you with a non-blinding warm light to guide you in the laundry room. The motion sensor closet light is very sensitive when in AUTO mode. So the motion sensor night light automatically turns on after a motion detection at 5 meters. And it automatically turns off after 30 seconds if there is no motion detection. The different modes designed for the cabinet light are also smart, sensitive, and user-friendly.
motion sensor light for closet

Rechargeable Motion Sensor Light for Closet

The rechargeable motion sensor light for closet eliminates the need to purchase non-recyclable AAA batteries. So it is a power saving and worry-free choice. The low-power circuit design combines with the high-capacity lithium rechargeable batteries, providing long battery life for the battery operated cabinet light. Thus, you will never worry about frequent charging like those LED closet lights with non-rechargeable batteries.

Easy Installation for Limited Space

There are 3 kinds of installation methods. Method 1: closet lighting built with strong magnets can be directly adsorbed on the surface of any iron material; Method 2: use strong adhesive stickers to stick it on any smooth and clean surface of closet cabinets; Method 3: the light rechargeable with hook holes on the back can be directly hung on places with hooks or nails. Besides, the motion activated closet lighting is wireless, easy to install, and perfect for places with limited space or no electricity.
motion sensor light for closet

2 Light Colors & 3 Lighting Modes

This motion sensor closet light rechargeable comes in two colors: cool white light and warm yellow light. And it offers different lighting modes for you to choose from according to your needs. When you adjust the switch from left to right, it’s ON mode; When you adjust the switch from right to left, it’s AUTO mode; When the switch is in the middle, it’s OFF mode. Thus, you can use it in the laundry room, closet cabinets, living room, etc.
motion sensor light for closet

Size 90*90*22.8 mm
Weight 63g
Rated power 0.3W
Input voltage DC 5V
Battery capacity 600mAh
Fully charged time 2h
Induction distance 2-3m
Color temperature 1800k (warm light) /6500k (white light)


Q1: Is the auto mode supposed to work when the light is plugged in with the USB adapter?

A1: This motion sensor closet light does not only turn on the auto mode with a USB adapter. It is a wireless night light for indoor or outdoor lighting.

Q2: If there is enough light in the room, will it still turn on if it detects motion?

A2: The night light will only turn on due to motion when the illumination of the light in the room is low enough.

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motion sensor light for closet


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