Nowadays, refractometers are popular in many industries with different instrument requirements. People can use them to measure the refractive index, sugar content, coffee total dissolved solid, food concentration, the concentration of aqueous solutions, and so on. As a result, refractometers with different designs and measuring accuracies are available now. The refractometer for sale could be a process refractometer, Abbe refractometer, analog refractometer, and digital refractometer. So where can we buy a refractometer and how much is a refractometer?

refractometer for sale

Refractometer for sale

The refractometer provides critical information to ensure product quality. You may need one whether you want to make wine, beer, honey, or check the quality of your fruit juice. It aims to obtain liquids’ sugar content and specific gravity by measuring the refractive index. Refractometers are also available in different scales like brix scale for specific applications. Those refractometers with brix scale are brix refractometers. And the brix meter can be honey refractometer, wine refractometer, and salinity refractometer based on the specific use. It can also measure the specific gravity of urine samples, coolant concentration, and the salinity of water in aquariums.

The refractometer can be an analog or digital model. It also includes benchtop and portable (hand held) sizes for different uses. For many homeowners and hobbyists, they may prefer a handheld analog refractometer. Because it’s more affordable than a digital one. But if you are a beekeeper or business owner, we recommend digital refractometer honey. It’s smarter and easy to calibrate and read. You can consider the FJD digital refractometer Ultimate, click here to learn more. Although its price is higher than the analog model, it comes with various advantages. As pocket refractometer honey, it connects with App via Bluetooth. You can easily read Baume within 2s and save data.

If you want to know how to choose a right refractometer, please refer to the next part.

refractometer for sale

How to choose a right refractometer for sale

Choosing a right refractometer for your specific use is not so easy. Because there are many different models of refractometers, ranging in price from $10 to $15,000. So, how to choose a right one for yourself?

First, you’d better figure out your measuring requirements and the environment temperature. For measurements at home, you may want a handheld refractometer rather than a benchtop one. Then, you can choose an analog or digital model.

The analog refractometer is more affordable and simpler. It is suitable for field testing of fruit ripeness. And it also works for measuring the wine or beer in the home brewing industry. But the disadvantage is that it needs a manual refractometer calibration and adequate light source.

To operate easily and obtain accurate results, you can choose a digital handheld refractometer. Typically, digital refractometers handheld are more expensive. But you may benefit a lot from its easy-to-read display, one-button calibration, and automatic temperature compensation. Measuring steps are also much simpler than an analog model. Besides, its built-in LED enables measurements without a light source. Digital refractometers handheld are ideal when tighter control is needed for reducing waste of samples.

When purchasing a brix meter refractometer, consider both the pre-sales and post-sales service. Choose a brand that you can get support and a reliable warranty.

refractometer price

Where to buy a refractometer

With advanced technology, there are many online shopping platforms available now. So, you may wonder where to buy a refractometer. Next, the post will introduce some famous platforms and channels to buy a portable refractometer.


eBay is an online shopping site that allows people around the world to buy and sell items. Every day, millions of items like furniture, computers, instruments, and personal care products are listed and sold on eBay. To buy a refractometer, you can first type in the keyword refractometer to search. Then choose the type of refractometer you want. For laboratory use, you can select the Abbe model. For home use, you can choose the hand held model. At last, you need to select the specific portable refractometer suitable for your samples. Sometimes there are gift cards for you on special days.


Currently, Amazon is one of the world’s largest Internet online retailers. Its retail product lines cover books, food, consumer electronics, home improvement appliances, and other categories. The first step of purchasing a pocket refractometer is also searching the keyword. Then, you can check the department on the left side and choose the product type. It also includes different application fields like lab, aquarium, and home health. Besides, you can select the brand of the refractometer you like. Click the product to expand the details for reference.

Alibaba International Station

Alibaba International Station is a business segment of Alibaba Group. And it has become the world’s leading digital trade export platform. The products have covered more than 200 countries and regions around the world.

When buying a pocket refractometer on this platform, you also need to search the word refractometer first. Then you can choose the type you want and the usage, function, and material according to your needs. If you want an ATC refractometer, select the ATC in the function box. Next, enter the product detail page to choose the color or brix range you need.

refractometer price

Instrument Choice

Instrument Choice is Australia’s leading and fastest-growing independent supplier of scientific instruments. They can support you in choosing the right scientific instruments for accurate measurements.

If you want to buy a refractometer on this website, you can start by clicking the search column. Then choose the refractometers category in the column. It contains many kinds of refractometers like optical refractometers and digital refractometers. Select the type you need and compare them in different aspects on the detail page. Then choose the one you like after the comparison.

FJD Retail Official Website

The official website is FJDynamics’s online retail store. It covers a wide range of handheld digital refractometers. And there are a whole series of refractometers including FJD Refractometer Air/Pro/Ultimate. Besides, the official website is better than general platforms in many aspects. There is more detailed information about the product. And you are able to know more about the company background and its product policies. So, the official website is more reliable and with better services. To buy a refractometer on this website, you can type “FJD refractometer” in the Google search column. Then, enter the home page of the official website. If you want to know more about refractometers, click the shop page. They can work as a honey refractometer, maple syrup refractometer, wine refractometer, and salinity refractometer based on your needs. You can choose one after figuring out which model fit you. The product page includes information on features, specs, and functions. Finally, you can add the product you want into the cart and make payments.
where to buy a refractometer

How much is a refractometer for sale

Refractometers of different models are in a wide price range. Because each type of refractometer may be used in different applications. Let’s check the price for each model of common refractometers.

Abbe refractometer price (Benchtop refractometer price):

Abbe refractometers used in the lab can cost up to thousands of dollars. Normally, you can find an Abbe refractometer for $1000 to $2000. If you are a scientific worker, you may need one for your studies. Otherwise, you’d better check other types of refractometers at a lower price.

Analog refractometer price (Portable refractometer price):

The price of a basic analog refractometer may range from $10 to $20. If you want one with automatic temperature compensation or a LED light, these models may cost $20- $30. You may also find some new analog models for around $70. Just buy one according to your requirements and budget if you need this model.

Digital refractometer price (Pocket refractometer price):

A digital refractometer price is between $100 and $500. FJD brix refractometers may cost $100 to $300 according to the model you buy. FJD Air is the basic model with a brix range of 0-32%. You can use it to measure soft drinks, fruit juice, cutting oil, etc. FJD Pro is the upgraded version with a measuring range of 0-55%. It can measure food, wine, coffee TDS (total dissolved solids), industrial fluids, etc. FJD Ultimate is the high-end version with a measuring range of 0-95%. Feel free to measure almost everything you want. Measuring substances include jam, honey, maple syrup, seawater, antifreeze, etc.

All FJD refractometers come with the function of automatic temperature compensation. And they are IP67 waterproof & anti-drop. You can get fast and accurate results with LCD display and mobile App. It only needs a few drops of liquid for testing which has the advantage of reducing waste. Easy-to-operate and portable refractometers for you to choose from. Check the product details on the official website if you are interested in FJD refractometers.

how much is a refractometer