Shipping Policy

Order Processing Time

All orders will be processed within 2-5 business days. No orders will be shipped or delivered on weekends or holidays.

During peak order periods, shipping may be delayed by a few days. Please allow additional shipping days for order delivery. If there is a significant delay in shipping your order, you will be contacted via email.

Shipping Confirmation & Order Tracking

After your order has been shipped, you will receive a shipment confirmation email with a tracking number. The tracking number will be valid within 24 hours. Our packages are shipped via overseas warehouses. The expected delivery time is 5-10 business days.

Shipping Fee 

The shipping cost of the 2000W Power Station will be charged at the following rates:

2000W Power Station Shipping Cost
The Lower 48 States Free Shipping
Europe $30
Alaska & Hawaii $320

The shipping cost of the refractometer air/pro/ultimate shipping costs will be charged at the following rates:

Refractometer Air/Pro/Ultimate Shipping Cost
United States Free Shipping

Hungary/Poland/Slovakia/Slovenia/Czech Republic



Spain/Italy/Ireland/Portugal/Sweden $17
Bosnia and Herzegovina/Bulgaria/Greece/Romania $19
United Kingdom $20

Damages is not responsible for damage to or loss of packages during shipping. If you receive a damaged product or a missing package, please contact us within 15 days at [email protected] For details, please refer to our Return & Refund Policy.

Customs, Duties, and Taxes

When you place an order with, each order will incur additional charges depending on your delivery country.

For example, orders from the United States will incur consumption tax, orders from Europe will incur additional VAT, and all customs taxes on orders are borne by the seller.

European VAT Rate List:

Country VAT Rate (%)
Austria (AT) 16.67
Bahrain (BA) 14.53
Belgium (BE) 17.36
Bulgaria (BG) 16.67
Switzerland (CH) 17.36
Czech Republic(CZ) 16.67
Germany(DE) 15.97
Denmark(DK) 20
Estonia(EE) 16.67
Spain(ES) 17.36
Finland(FI) 19.36
France(FR) 16.67
United Kingdom(GB) 19.36
Greece(GR) 19.36
Croatia(HR) 20
Hungary(HU) 21.26
Ireland(IE) 18.7
Italy(IT) 18.03
Liechtenstein(LI) 27
Lithuania(LT) 17.36
Luxembourg(LU) 14.53
Latvia(LV) 17.36
Monaco(MC) 16.67
Netherlands(NL) 17.36
Norway(NO) 16.67
Poland(PL) 18.7
Portugal(PT) 18.7
Romania(RO) 15.97
Sweden(SE) 20
Slovenia(SI) 18.03
Slovakia(SK) 16.67

US Region Consumption Tax Rate List:

State Consumption Tax Rate(%)
Alaska(AK) 0
Alabama(AL) 9.22
Arkansas(AR) 9.51
Arizona(AZ) 8.4
California(CA) 8.68
Colorado(CO) 7.72
Connecticut(CT) 6.35
Washington(DC) 6
Delaware(DE) 0
Florida(FL) 7.08
Georgia(GA) 7.32
Hawaii(HI) 4.44
Iowa(IA) 6.94
Idaho(ID) 6.03
Illinois(IL) 8.82
Indiana(IN) 7
Kansas(KS) 8.69
Kentucky(KY) 6
Louisiana(LA) 9.52
Massachusetts(MA) 6.25
Maryland(MD) 6
Maine(ME) 5.5
Michigan(MI) 6
Minnesota(MN) 7.46
Missouri(MO) 8.25
Mississippi(MS) 7.07
Montana(MT) 0
North Carolina(NC) 6.98
North Dakota(ND) 6.96
Nebraska(NE) 6.94
New Hampshire(NH) 0
New Jersey(NJ) 6.6
New Mexico(NM) 7.83
Nevada(NV) 8.23
New York(NY) 8.52
Ohio(OH) 7.23
Oklahoma(OK) 8.95
Oregon(OR) 0
Pennsylvania(PA) 6.34
Rhode Island(RI) 7
South Carolina(SC) 7.46
South Dakota(SD) 6.4
Tennessee(TN) 9.55
Texas(TX) 8.19
Utah(UT) 7.19
Virginia(VA) 5.73
Vermont(VT) 6.24
Washington(WA) 9.23
Wisconsin(WI) 5.43
West Virginia(WV) 6.5
Wyoming(WY) 5.33

Shipping Area Limited

We currently do not ship to countries outside of the United States and Europe, please check our website for information, we will notify you when payment and shipping are open to other countries.